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The Rosinators formed in 2001 and quickly established a reputation for their raw, uncompromising mix of bluegrass, Cajun and gospel country blues and their dynamic three-part vocal harmonies. Twin-fiddles and acoustic guitar made up their distinctive sound, augmented with banjo and mandolin, with the addition of  drums for most live shows. The band played roots music from the heart.

Following the release of The Rosinators’ eponymous debut CD in June 2003, a busy touring schedule took them to Holland, Ireland and throughout the UK, including Glastonbury, Brighton, Bath, Cheltenham and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, plus the European World of Bluegrass Festival in Holland in addition to playing main stages at major British folk festivals from Bridgnorth,  Broadstairs and Omagh in Northern Ireland. In 2004 they were selected as one of six finalists in the Glastonbury Unsigned Band Competition and in 2005 they were awarded the "Hotdisc Best Track of the Year" for 'Cindy's Breakdown' at the UK Country Radio Awards Show.

At the time the band lived in London, and although a lot of their shows took them out of town, they could be seen there throughout the year at clubs such as the 12 Bar, The Borderline, and the Astoria, where they appeared a couple of times with Alabama 3.

The Rosinators enjoyed extensive global airplay, the majority of this in North America, on both mainstream and specialist stations - a testament to both their original sound and to their authentic delivery - and their album received rave reviews from all over the world.

Paul Castle (guitar, banjo, vocals) was an original member of the UK folk band Out To Lunch and acoustic outfit Sons of Fat Harry. He is a songwriter and composer whose material has been taken into the charts by Frances and Mary Black and whose music for UK TV, notably Jane Hissey's BAFTA-winning children's TV series 'Old Bear Stories', has had global exposure - see

Will Sneyd (fiddle, mandolin, vocals), was a founding member of Ti-fer Cajun Dance Band. He has toured with Alabama 3 and features on their albums 'Exile in Coldharbour Lane' and 'Last Train to Mashville'. Will was also a member of Scott Moods.

Fliss Premru (fiddle, vocals) was a founding member of Joli Blon Cajun Band which has recently reformed - see their Facebook page

The Rosinators on the Croissant Neuf Stage at Glastonbury in 2003
Will, Fliss and Paul
The Rosinators at The Bridgnorth Festival, 2004
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