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“An incredibly inventive concoction of
bluegrass, Cajun dance tunes and gospel
country from this London three-piece”
[The Sunday Times]


"You guys (and gal) have flat got it. I've about
burned laser grooves in your CD since I arrived
home. Bill Monroe must be smiling as he gazes
toward London alongside Blind Willie Johnson,
Dewey Balfa, Keith Whitley, and Chubby Wise.

Oh - and I love the name!"

[Jack Bernhardt]
Country & Traditional Music Correspondent
Raleigh News & Observer, North Carolina


"I've become a groupie! Wherever the Rosinators go,
I want to go too. Paul, Fliss and Will are three excellent
musicians who absolutely love to play - enthusiastic,
joyful and really good people. When the Rosinators
play everyone in the room has a smile on their face. Go
to see them. Get the album. You won't regret it."

[Gail Comfort]
CMR Nashville


"Simply the best bluegrass/cajun/gospel in the country"

[What's Cookin’]


Take a mix of bluegrass, add a healthy dose of
Cajun dance tunes and layer over with some
gospel country classics...Turn the volume up
and prepare to dance the night away...the best
Cajun tunes recorded by a British band since
the Balham Alligators"

[Richard Hilton]
The Morning Star


"American roots music has long enjoyed an ardent
following in the British Isles. Heck, sometimes it
seems that the Brits know more about our
musicians than we do! Out of this tradition comes
a serious acoustic country group - winning fans
around the world - known as The Rosinators."

Steve Robertson, Fiddlin' Around -
Journal of American Roots Music


"For a band hailing from London, The Rosinators
have a truly unexpected sound. This is American
roots music with a huge capital A the size of Texas.
A blend of Bluegrass, Country, Cajun, Gospel and
American Roots Music, this is the sound of a band
playing from the heart, but with their influences
far wider than the average UK band...With a quality
of recording and musicianship that has the effect of
almost making you believe the band are playing live
in the same room as you at times, its clear that The
Rosinators are an accomplished band that play from
the heart with a real passion for the music they record."

[Mike Bond]


"An excellent album....just so well done...they
obviously have such a deep feeling for the music"

[Barry Everitt]
The Borderline Club, London
Borderline Radio


"The freshest old time/good-time gospel/
folk/bluegrass acoustic music .... hallelujah!
catch this 'stage-filling' trio live."

[Sue Cavendish]
Top Albums for 2003


"Rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the UK's
finest bands...if you've not heard their music
then you really are missing something great!!"

[Dee Hallett]
British Bluegrass News


"On this their debut album, The Rosinators give
it to you straight: excellent musicianship and
harmonies to die for....It's honest and passionate.
On the first listening I was under it's spell; on the
second I was hooked! This is real acoustic roots
at its best. Don't let this one pass you by!"

[Gerry Mansfield]
Maverick Magazine


"As "Old Joe Clark" jump starts The Rosinators'
album, twin fiddlers Will Sneyd and Fliss Premru
clearly have plenty of rosiny pine sap on their bows'
horsehair. The friction on their strings imparts a fiery
rhythmic intensity that sets the stage for this entire
project that also includes Paul Castle (guitar, banjo,
bass)....While some might claim that these pickers are
searching for an identity, it is, in reality, their eclectic
nature and versatility that define their sound....Their
spirited music is infectiously likeable, and, as such,
it rosinates loudly for eclectic traditional music fans
with adventurous tastes."

[Joe Ross]
Bluegrass Unlimited Staff Writer


"What an impressive album. I shall be dipping in to
it on a very regular basis. THIS IS country music!"

[Bryan Chalker]
Radio Caroline (Europe)


"Roots Music in Europe is alive and well as long as
The Rosinators keep recording music like this.
This is a wonderful CD to listen to. Country, Bluegrass,
Gospel and a bit of Folk on this 12 song release.
Positive and skillfully performed. American Roots
Radio stations should love the Rosinators."

[Roots Music Report]

(Texas, USA)


TO CHECK THAT this was an all British line up.
The band plays with such simplicity, clarity and
authenticity that I thought they must have ancestral
roots going back to the Blue Ridge Mountains at
least.....The three members of this band show what
can be done by letting their undeniable talent and
the simplicity of songs speak for themselves....I can
tell you that I am sent many CDs for review but only
a few make me want to play them again and again.
This is one of the few."

[Cajun Life & Times Magazine]


"...a goodtime infectious and satisfyingly
listenable set. The band's approach to the material is
vibrant and dynamic, and they do some tasty things with
the vocal harmonies too....everything they tackle comes
across real natural."

[David Kidman - NetRhythms]
full review


"Who says we can't record quality acoustic
country in the UK? Let them listen to this
CD and I'll bet they change their mind....
Full marks for a great debut album"

[Gerry Ford]
Country Music & Dance in
Scotland and N. Ireland Magazine


"This music has a great fire of enthusiasm. The good
reports that we had of this group are fully justified."

[Around Kent Folk Magazine]


"Die Rosinators sind schlichtweg eine Erfahrung,
die jeder Liebhaber von echter, unverfälschter
Country Music unbedingt machen sollte."

English translation
"The Rosinators are a must-have experience for
every lover of pure, unadulterated Country Music."

[Country Jukebox]


"An excellent album. I will play all tracks eventually"

[Matthew Carr]
BBC Radio Shropshire]


"At last! Some REAL country music! Great!!"

Sam Harris Country Show
BBC Radio Newcastle


"A breath of fresh air and a very welcome addition
to my collection, which is very selective!"

[Jim Johnson]
Pathfinder Magazine


"What a group!!!"

[Gerd Stassen]
'Hillbilly Rockhouse'
Radio Ems-Wechte-Welle





"It's a pleasure to listen to a band which dares to
go away from the mainstream and be themselves.
Their music and songs can't be faulted."


[Dann Hansen]

Roskilde Dampradio, Denmark





"I will be doing an article review on this album.
It is really good for lovers of real country music."


Mark Achatz]

Country Circle Magazine (Germany)




"Excellent bluegrass - such a refreshing sound"


[Stewart Fenwick]

Central FM Radio (Scotland)





"...a rich and substantial dish of Americana;
a hearty gumbo of blues, country, bluegrass
and spicy Cajun dance numbers given new flavours
by this trio of experienced is only a
matter of time before they move up to a bigger league."

[Lee Coombes]

Venue Magazine





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